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Kids&Us classrooms are ready and waiting!

Published 04/09/2017 by Kids&Us

Just thinking about going back to school brings a smile to our lips. We all thrive on a routine, and ours consists of filling up classrooms and corridors with children for the start of a new school year at Kids&Us.
English classes are about to start at our schools, and the students will discover new characters who will accompany them throughout the whole school year.

Feeling nervous about meeting a new teacher and new classmates, rushing to find the right classroom in the first week, seeing the look of astonishment on babies and parents' faces when they come to our schools for the first time. For all these reasons, at Kids&Us we experience the start of the new school year with the same enthusiasm as the first day, confident in the knowledge that everything is ready to start again.

A very special new school year

The 2017-2018 school year is important for Kids&Us, as 2018 marks our 15th anniversary. And if this wasn’t enough in itself, the first generation of Kids&Us students finish their journey with us - the students who are doing Subscription 2.
At Kids&Us, we start a new school year with more than 115,000 students in 376 schools throughout Spain, Andorra, Belgium, France, Italy, Morocco, Mexico and the Czech Republic.

Start the countdown to the new school year!

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