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At Kids&Us, English Once Again Goes Beyond the Classroom

Published 15/10/2017 by Kids&Us

Kids&Us has created a universe of quality stimuli aimed at expanding and enriching students’ contact with English. Students and non-students at Kids&Us have access to a large number of options and content in English to keep in touch with the language on days when there is no school. Among the proposals there are books, games, children’s music, stories, cooking workshops, informative science workshops, English summer camps, and so on.

Can all the magic of Kids&Us be concentrated into just one morning? Yes it can, with the new Kids&Us activity: The Fun Day.

A Fun Day is a morning full of exclusive Kids&Us activities, which enables children from 3 to 10 years old to combine fun and English learning on non-school days. During these mornings, Kids&Us schools come alive with unique and original educational activities, which are entirely in English and are conducted by the Kids&Us Pedagogical Department.

What can you expect on a Fun Day morning?

  • A Little Chef: a unique cooking workshop held entirely in English, in which children experiment with food preparing fun and creative dishes.
  • Games in English adapted to each age group so that the children can learn English while having fun and carrying out motor activities.
  • A Storytime, which is the telling of a story in English, through characters and songs.
  • Arts and crafts designed to stimulate the children’s imagination while they learn vocabulary in English.

A 100% Kids&Us morning full of fun and activities:


More than just an English activity!

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